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Alternative Asset Servicing and Insurance Services

Global Reach

BEN serves all major markets worldwide and is the exclusive transaction services company for clients on the ACE Portal; development of the ACE Portal was financed by the New York Stock Exchange.

PrivateFund™ Services

BEN offers Platinum, Gold and Silver Trustee levels of administrative services through our PrivateFund™ products; offerings include accounting, tax, compliance and back-office capabilities, all with transparent reporting, and range to more complex administrative duties alternative asset investors may require.

Life Protection

BEN provides consultation on a wide array of life insurance programs paired with alternative asset portfolios which can be used to fund premiums or to earn more tax efficient returns. Programs
include the Alternative Life Assurance-Insurance Program, part of our roadmap for optimizing a client's wealth management (ATLASIP ATLASIT, and ATLASAT), Alternative Asset Annuities, and key man life insurance alternatives for managers of alternative assets all through licensed and qualified professionals and product providers.

Portfolio and Liability Protection

BEN consults and advises on products to insure against negligence, fraud and misconduct by alternative asset investment managers, including Fiduciary Guardian insurance protection. We also are the exclusive provider of title insurance services to investors trading on the NYSE alternative trading system.

Underwriting Advice and Consultation Services

BEN focuses on best practices for managers of risk attendant on the alternative asset class.

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